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Tips for mopping with robot vacuum cleaner

consejos fregar con robot aspirador

We bring you some very useful tips to scrub or mop properly with your robot vacuum cleaner, and avoid problems of water loss, corrosion of the water tank or clogging of the water outlets.

Almost all the latest models released for sale in recent months have a built-in scrubbing or mop function, and many users have many doubts about whether they can put any product into the warehouse . Trademarks contradict each other in the information provided to the user and it is not easy to find good information regarding this topic.

If you have a Xiaomi Mijia 2 in 1 STYJ02YM and you are experiencing low water problems during scrubbing, go to our article to solve it: GUIDE TO FIX THE LITTLE WATER PROBLEM IN STYJ02YM

A distinction must be made between two types of mop vacuum robots, those with electronic control of water flow, and those without.

Models with electronic water control.

There are models that have a water tank with an electronic water control, they usually work through a small water pump, the robot activates to a greater or lesser extent depending on the water level you select in the app. They can start or stop the use of water , and select the necessary water flow according to the type of soil or the level of cleaning desired. Some models with electronic water control: Cecotec Conga 3290/3390/3490/3590/3690/3790, Cecotec Conga 4090/5090, Xiaomi Mijia 2 in 1 STYJ02YM, Xiaomi Vacuum 1C, Xiaomi Roborock S5 Max, Xiaomi Robocok S6 MaxV, Viomi V2 Pro, Viomi V3 , etc.

Many of them work with a tank in which the vacuum is made, with a small pump that inserts air into the tank to release the desired amount of water. The Viomi V3 model is one of the first to use a true water pump.

Models without electronic water control.

The best known are the Cecotec 3090 or the Xiaomi Roborock S50 / Xiaomi Roborock S55, among others. These models have a tank that works by vacuum and gravity, filling the tank with water and closing the cap makes it empty, and the water drips as it takes air through a small hole. But you cannot control the flow of water used by the robot vacuum cleaner during scrubbing, or automatically shut off the water outlet when scrubbing is complete. Therefore you have to be careful while scrubbing so that it does not puddle when cleaning is finished.

You also cannot adapt the amount of water according to the type of soil. They tend to sin from pouring little water, and to get them to add more water you have to make some modifications to the water tank. To allow more air to enter, some users of our Telegram Channel have drilled the pads where the water comes out, or make a small hole in the plug. These modifications are at your own risk.

What products to put in the water tank?

We are going to give you some tips for scrubbing, and that you know what you can and cannot put in the water tank of your robot vacuum cleaner. We have made these tips with the user experience, we hope they help you. We accept suggestions to improve them.

You should totally avoid vinegarabrasive products and products that make a lot of foam. Because they degrade the tank gaskets and can cause water leaks. Also avoid any product that does not suit your soil type.

You can try this professional product:

Or use this mix:


In a 1 liter bottle, mix the following proportions of products:

When you are going to mop, fill the tank with 10% of this mixture and 90% of water.

How to unclog the water outlets of the water tank.

If the water outlets are clogged, the best solution we have found is to put the juice of half a lemon squeezed very well strained into the tank so that it does not have any pulp, and fill half a tank of water. With this mixture in the water tank, clean about 30 m2 of your home. After this small cleaning is complete, lightly blow out the water outlets and rinse with clean water.

Tips scrubbing with your robot vacuum cleaner. How to use the mop and clean it properly.

Before scrubbing, manufacturers often advise moistening the mop , wetting it and wringing it out before placing it in the mop holder.

At the end of scrubbing it is recommended to clean the mop . We recommend adding a little cleaner to the fabric, rubbing it gently and rinsing it with plenty of water until it is very clean. Then let it dry properly.

Here you can buy original mop spare parts for Xiaomi Mijia 2 in 1 STYJ02YM, you can also use them in Viomi V2 Pro, Viomi V3, Cecotec Conga 3290/3390/3490/3590/3690/3790.


Other tips for mopping with robot vacuum cleaner

During mopping you may notice that the central brush gets damp and dirty. If it has some dust or dirt residues, when mixed with the water they can do that the result of the scrubbing is not good. If your robot vacuum cleaner model allows it, you can try removing the central brush during mopping.

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