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Specialized in your Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum Spain is the best community specialized in Vacuum Robots. Dedicated to helping thousands of users to find solutions to the problems of their cleaning robots and to advise and compare the best models. Do you want to buy the best robot vacuum cleaner with the best price on offer? This is your place!

Here you will find all the guides, tutorials, opinions, reviews, comparisons and offers of robot vacuum cleaners.

Xiaomi Vacuum, Cecotec Conga or Roomba vacuum cleaner, which one to buy?

There are a large number of robot vacuum brands on the market. Cecotec Conga, Xiaomi Robot, Roomba Vacuum Cleaner, iRobot, Roborock, Viomi, Mijia, Dreame, Proscenic, Rowenta, Vileda, Ilife, Ikohs vacuum cleaners … Don’t get lost among so many brands, we select the best for you.

Automatic Vacuum Cleaner Catalog at the best price:

Our recommendation: Best quality-price robot vacuum cleaner 2020

What robot vacuum cleaner to buy? If you are looking for the best robot to clean the house, here is our opinion, with the new Roborock S5 Max model it has the best features at a cheaper price than its direct competitors, it is a robot that scrubs with a great app with great mapping options . It is the evolution of the Roborock s5 for many the best robot vacuum 2019 and 2018 (also called Xiaomi Vacuum 2, Xiaomi Vacuum s50 / s55) and superior to the Roborock s6 and Roborock s6 Pure, for introducing electronic control of water during scrubbing.

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What is your ideal robot vacuum cleaner and sweeping robot?

robot barredor aspirador opiniones reviews
Find the best robot vacuum cleaner that suits you with good opinions and reviews.

To correctly choose which robot vacuum to buy you must take into account your needs and their characteristics. Today almost any vacuum cleaner is intelligent and automatic, but depending on the range you can find very interesting options such as laser navigation, VSLAM or camera; the multimap, that is silent, the battery self-recharging, special brushes for pets, electronic water control (ideal for parquet floors that are sensitive to water) or that is economical.

If you are not sure which robot meets your needs, in our Telegram channel of Vacuum Spain we will give you personalized advice.

What is the best robot vacuum pet hair? Our opinion.

mejor robot aspirador para mascotas cecotec conga roomba
Robot vacuum cleaner special pets

In a home with pets, hairs are a great enemy, a robot or automatic vacuum cleaner can be a great solution in your daily cleaning, some models are specialized to keep dirt from our animals at bay. For example, Cecotec Conga includes in its latest vacuum cleaners new special silicone brushes for pets that prevent hairs from getting tangled in the central brush and ending up in the robot’s tank.

Other robots begin to incorporate a camera system, for example the Roborock S6 max, they are able to identify small objects such as dog poop and avoid going over it. You can also use the camera from the app to monitor or give an order to the pet from its app when you are not at home.

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