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How to Fix the Problem Cecotec Conga Does Not Connect to WiFi or Link with App / Offline

Solución al Problema Cecotec Conga No Conecta al WiFi o Vinculación con App Fuera de Linea

My Cecotec Conga does not connect to Wifi! Don’t worry, you’re not alone… Cecotec Conga robot vacuum cleaners have certain problems connecting, linking or synchronizing with the WiFi connection or the App. We have decided to make this guide to help and solve these problems due to the high number of users with difficulties in our Telegram channels: Canal Cecotec Conga / Canal Vacuum Spain.

If you cannot synchronize the Conga vacuum cleaner to the Mobile App with the steps indicated in the instruction manual, this is your guide! Try one or the other method to forget about the connection failure of your Conga.

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✅ Connect or Synchronize Cecotec Conga to Wi-Fi or the Android and iOS Mobile Application

Preparation of the Mobile / Smartphone for the connection with Robot Conga:

Restore or Reset Cecotec Conga to Factory Values:

  • Reset the robot to factory settings, with the robot out of the charging base:
    • Conga 3090 model: Hold down the “Home” button until the robot beeps, release and press the “Laser” button again until the vacuum cleaner speaks.
    • Other Conga Models: Hold down the “Home” button until the robot beeps, release and press again until the robot speaks.

Delete Wifi Connections Saved on the Smartphone Unnecessary for the Connection

  • Put the Conga robot in bonding mode:
    • Conga 3090 model: Hold down the “Home” Button and the “Laser” Button at the same time until you hear a beep and see the robot lights flashing blue.
    • Other Conga models: Hold down the “Home” button and the “Power” button at the same time until you hear a beep and see the robot lights flashing blue.
  • Enter the Wi-Fi section of your Mobile, search for the CONGA_LASER_XXXXXX network and click on forget or skip .
    • On Android, hold down the name of the network and click on the option “Forget Network”.
    • In iPhone / iOS, press next to the network the option (i) and click the option “Skip Network”.
  • We repeat the previous step, eliminating all the WiFi networks that we have at home from the mobile, except the 2.4ghz network to which we want to synchronize the robot. For example: 5g Wifi Network, Wifi Repeater, Guest Network…

Prepare Router and Smartphone for Synchronization of the Conga Robot

  • IMPORTANT: The robot does not support some passwords for Wi-Fi networks. The password of the 2.4ghz wifi to which you are going to connect the robot cannot have special characters, it only supports passwords with letters and numbers.
  • Turn off the router, wait 15 seconds and turn it on again, wait about 2 minutes until the router is fully powered on.
  • If you already have the CongaXXX App installed on your mobile, you must uninstall it .
  • Install the Conga XXXX App (app corresponding to your Conga model).
  • Grant the App all permissions. On Android you can do it by pressing for 2 seconds on the App icon, then on App Info / Permissions.
  • Turn off your mobile completely and turn it on again.
  • Deactivate the mobile data of the mobile and connect your mobile to the 2.4ghz Wi-Fi network of your router, if possible deactivate the option “Connect Automatically”.
  • Turn off Bluetooth on your smartphone.

Final Steps to Connect Conga Robot Vacuum Cleaner to Wifi:

  • Leave the robot out of the charging base, turn it off by pressing the “Power” button for 5 seconds, wait 15 seconds and turn it on again by pressing the “Power” button again.
  • Place the Conga robot near the router to which you are going to link.
  • Put the Conga in Link Mode (as we explained a few steps above). And follow the instructions for linking the App or the user manual.

✅ ALTERNATIVE METHOD for App Error: Failure to Connect to Network

If you still have not been able to connect your Conga to the Application, follow this method , you will need 2 mobile phones, with one you will create a Wi-Fi network with the same name and password as your router. With the other you will synchronize the Conga vacuum cleaner.

  • With the first smartphone, access SETTINGS / CONNECTIONS / HOTSPOT WIFI (It may vary depending on the mobile model).
  • Configure the 2.4ghz Shared Connection with the same Network Name and Password as the Wifi network that you usually use in your router .
  • Turn off your router during the syncing process.
  • Connect the second mobile to the Shared Connection that you have created with the first mobile. Being the same network name and password as the router, the second mobile will most likely connect automatically.
  • Install the Conga App on the second mobile (if you don’t have it yet) and follow the synchronization steps, instructing your Conga to use the Shared Connection.
  • Once synced, you can disable Connection Sharing and turn on the router. As both connections have the same network name and password, your Conga will connect to the router without problem.

Valid guide for this failure in Cecotec Conga vacuum cleaner models: Conga Excellence 990, Conga 1090 Connected, Conga 1099 Connected, Conga 1290 Gyro, Conga 1390, Conga 1490 Impulse, Conga 1590 Active, Conga 1690 Pro, Conga 1790 Vital / Titanium / Ultra, Conga 2090 Vision, Conga 2290 Panoramic, Conga 2490 Landscape, Conga 2690, Conga 3090, Conga 3290 Titanium, Conga 3390, Conga 3490 Elite, Conga 3590, Conga 3690 Absolute, Conga 3790, Conga 3890 Vital / Titanium / Ultra, Conga 4090, Conga 4490, Conga 4690 Ultra, Conga 5090, Conga 5490, Conga 6090 Ultra, Conga 7090 Ai .

✅ Solution to Faults and Errors of Connection with App in Specific Conga Models:

Pairing Doesn’t Work on Conga 4090/4690

If no matter how hard you try to link the app with the Conga 4090 model you are not successful, you can uninstall the Conga4090 app and test the link with the Conga4690 app.

Pairing does not work in Conga 3290, 3390, 3490, 3590, 3690, 3790

If the connection with the Conga3000 app gives you an error, uninstall the Conga3000 app and test the connection with the Conga4090 app.